Formative research on various existing international green/eco-labelling schemes

People in Need Mongolia Organic Services GmbH

The study analyzes Eco-labelling schemes with a focus on ‘Environmental Labelling’, ‘Management Systems’, and ‘Environmental, Social, Governance’ (ESG) schemes. Under each scheme the most important market proven applications are classified, and examples of the most relevant standards, labelling and reporting schemes described. A classification matrix was developed that captures the most important aspects of each scheme for a quick and concise overview. The profiles (fact sheets) present a detailed analysis of each scheme. The recommendations chapter presents a toolkit that comprises the most important elements of Eco-labelling schemes and their variances, followed by a description of the principles that guide the setup and development of a new scheme. Three development options are collated serving as possible options for Mongolia. In case these options are not considered, the structure of the development options may serve as blueprint. Finally, the stakeholder landscape is outlined and the roadmap and structures to be involved described that is the important stakeholder process without which a viable development of a national Eco-labelling scheme will not be successful.