Youth Hackathon aims to unlock digital solutions on air pollution

Published: Jun 26, 2021 Reading time: 3 minutes
Youth Hackathon aims to unlock digital solutions on air pollution
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ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia – On June 26th, the online UNLEASH Hackathon will kick off with more than 100 young innovators from across Mongolia. The online programme will center around the creation of sustainable digital solutions to address air pollution in Mongolia for a healthy future. The Hackathon will also allow participants to learn from UNICEF experts, scientists, community leaders, and entrepreneurs to address issues around air pollution and climate change.

“There is truly a need for nurturing next-generation ideas and disrupting conventional solutions to create a better and more sustainable world. UNLEASH community is the perfect platform for that and we are happy to have brought UNLEASH Hacks to Mongolia for the first time,” said Khaliunaa, UNLEASH Hacks Mongolia Team Lead.

“We are excited to be part of expanding opportunities for young people in Mongolia so that they are able to develop, articulate, and innovate solutions for reducing air pollution in their homes, schools, communities, and cities,” added Bilguun Ariunsan, Chair Executive Director, The Scouts Association of Mongolia.

UNICEF Mongolia and People In Need INGO, with financial contributions from the UNICEF Innovation Fund and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), will be supporting the UNLEASH Hacks Mongolia 2021.

UNLEASH is a global initiative that brings together young leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs to develop innovative solutions to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. The initiative brings together 1,000 young people from across the world for an annual innovation lab, organizes local hacks and supports ongoing capacity building and solution implementation. UNLEASH has been recognized as one of the world’s most influential sustainability brands, having engaged 4,000 talents from 160 countries and facilitated the development of 600 SDG solutions with +300 partners. Since 2017, UNLEASH has run three annual Innovation Labs in Denmark, Singapore and China.

“UNICEF is pleased to play a role in “unleashing” the potential of our youth to address the challenges related to air pollution. We are committed to ensuring that every child has the right to clean air.” said Altantsetseg Sodnomtseren, Air Pollution and Environment Programme Manager, UNICEF Mongolia.

The program is funded by the UNICEF and its joint programme with the Government of Mongolia and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation “Impacts of air pollution on maternal and child health”, the European Union-supported “All for Youth, Youth for All” project, and People in Need. UNICEF is also providing technical support in the form of experts from the Innovations Fund at UNICEF HQ, Washington University in St Louis, and University of Waterloo in Canada. The experts will dedicate time and expertise to mentor and guide Mongolia's young innovators during UNLEASH Hacks.

“Solving challenges related to air pollution cannot be done by any single organization or individual. I strongly believe that we must all chip in – Government, civil society organizations, academics, innovators, and young people – to solve air pollution because we all breathe the same air,” said Tim Jenkins, Country Director at People In Need.

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