People in Need in Mongolia

People in Need in Mongolia

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People in Need (PIN) non-government organization was established in 1992 by a group of Czech war correspondents and volunteers, who were no longer satisfied with merely relaying information about ongoing conflicts and began sending out aid. It gradually became a professional humanitarian organization, striving to provide aid in troubled regions and to support adherence to human rights around the world.

Over the past 27 years, People in Need has become one of the biggest nonprofit organizations in Central Europe. In addition to humanitarian aid and human rights, it now also targets education and helps people living in social exclusion. Today, the work focuses on relief, development aid, advocacy for human rights, democratic freedom, field social work, education, awareness, and information. Currently, People in Need is operating in 25 countries, including Mongolia. 


People in Need started its operations in Mongolia in 2009, providing emergency assistance to herders that were affected by severe winter conditions. With the main goals of saving lives, protecting dignity, empowering people, and supporting sustainable living, PIN established a permanent presence in Mongolia in 2011. Today, apart from providing emergency relief, PIN builds the capacity of cooperatives, civil society organizations and local authorities, supports sustainable living, strengthens higher education, promotes environmental protection, and raises awareness about air pollution.

Our vision for Mongolia.

We strive for a Mongolia where local communities are strengthened, respective of human rights, and empowered to be the drivers of change and equal opportunities to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and Mongolia’s ‘Vision 2050’

Our interventions are built on 4 pillars:

Save Lives and Protect Dignity 

To save the lives, mitigate suffering and maintain dignity of people affected by natural disasters and conflicts.

Empower People 

To support people’s abilities and efforts to improve their lives and their communities.

Ensure Equal Opportunities 

To fight against the root causes of inequality or injustice.

Support Sustainable Living 

To promote development that is not at the expense of future generations, and does not result in further inequalities.

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